Closer Still Media

Thanks again for your help getting this over the line. Your hard work supporting all workstreams and managing all stakeholders made this an exceptionally smooth process and completely demonstrates the benefit of having a broker on the deal.

Alex Howe – Closer Still Media


It was only once we properly got into this process that it became apparent just how much you do. This deal clearly would never have happened without you both!

Jason Franks – EMEX

UBM Businesses

All deals are complex, but this had a number of details which made it particularly complex. Steve and Anna handled everything for us superbly. The reality is that this deal would never have happened without them.


Phil Soar – Chairman and CEO of Closer Still Media (regarding the purchase of the UBM businesses)


Perfect knowledge of the sector, great experience, high level of professionalism yet very intimate and family like approach.
Love you guys, couldn’t have been happier.


Levent Baykal- Founder and CEO of SADA Trade Exhibitions Inc.

We basically left the whole process in the hands of Steve and Anna and they handled all the details and got us a great price


Phil Soar - UK Furniture Shows

MMS are the strongest M&A specialists in our industry. They are very experienced and trustworthy and simply have the best contacts in the market. They bring peace of mind and commercially driven intelligence to the deal.


Serkan Tiglioglu- Executive Chairman of UBM Turkey

It was a great pleasure for us to work with Mayfield Media for more than 5-years. Their industry expertise of combining local with international and their hardworking, professional and reliable approach made us feel totally comfortable in all aspects of the deal. Even the complicated legal and financial discussions were easily resolved thanks to their involvement.

Mahmut ER- Co-Founder of BeautyEurasia Istanbul Exhibition-Managing Director of IPEKYOLU Exhibitions

We are delighted! Mayfield Media looked after every step of the transaction. They found us the right partner and negotiated the right deal.

Christine Cashmore- Company Owner of Cape Gourmet

We were glad to work with Mayfield Media Strategies. With their professional help and guidance the process for much easier for us and we believe we got a deal that really works for us. Selling a business is more complicated that we had expected. Personally I also believe that due in part to MMS’s efforts the Turkish fair organisation sector has increased in value.


Selahattin Durak- Chairman of IFO

I am delighted that we have completed on the sale of Ideal Home Show to Media 10. Thanks for doing such a great job for us.

Mark Alcock – Deputy CEO at DMG World Media

First class job all round by the Mayfield team, for which heartfelt thanks; fantastic depth of knowledge meant that thorny issues that cropped up were quickly dealt with. Terrific communication throughout the many months of negotiations – the team was always instantly available when needed whether via landline, Skype, or BlackBerry, which was very reassuring. Last but by no means least, very impressed by the way that you have stayed willingly involved with the final tidying up process long after the funds have been transferred.

Paul Stott – Managing Director Media Generation

Mayfield Media handled every part of the process which was very important for us as this was our first time selling a business. In the current economic climate many different problems arose but everything was dealt with so swiftly and efficiently that the deal was always kept on track.

Halim Bulutoglu – Managing Director Ekin Fuar

It was an interesting roller coaster. Working with MMS has been great and critical to the success of the deal (and our sanity!)

John Bednall, CEO of Legend Exhibitions

We’ve completed. Funds are being transferred as we speak. We’d all like to thank you for your help on the project – we all agree that the deal would probably not have happened without your involvement and certainly we would not have got the same deal. #

Clive Ellings, 总监

MMS helped with every step of the process of selling Legal IT. We managed to complete a shares sale in less than 10 days, which amazed me. They were always on top of all the details and provided incredible support to our lawyers and accountants. It wouldn’t have happened without them.

David Colin, Managing Director

I’d never used a broker before we sold the Surfaces Show, I couldn’t see what they brought to the party, however my opinion is now very different and they did a fantastic job in bringing the whole deal together, in making sure that both parties got exactly what they wanted in a very short time period. Steve also has an excellent knowledge of the global exhibition business, we will certainly use them again.

Tim Etchells, Managing Director Single Market Events