Mergers & Acquisitions

As business brokers we act for clients in the sale of an entire business, a single show, event or exhibition or in divesting of their non-core assets.

The volume of business that we handle means we are constantly in touch with exhibition and event organisers all over the world and have personal contacts with senior management in many of these companies. This gives us an up to date knowledge of market trends and of realistic valuations for sales, mergers and acquisitions. We have helped our clients conclude transactions in UK, Turkey, Indonesia, China, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Egypt, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, The Netherlands, France, and Belgium.

During the M&A process we carry out the following services when acting for the seller:

  • Preparation of an information memorandum
  • Valuation guidance
  • Identification of potential purchasers
  • Negotiation of price
  • Overseeing the due diligence process
  • Review of legal documentation when closing the deal

‘Very impressed by the way that you have stayed willingly involved with the final tidying up process long after the funds have been transferred’

Paul Stott, Managing Director
Media Generation